ORFO Proofing Tools system
main advantages

We can hardly type a text without an error. The most popular errors in electronic texts are misprints – repeated words, omitted comma, period or space etc. Such errors are easy to make but difficult to discover. To minimize the number of errors and misprints in your text and reduce the time to correct them we propose the spelling-check program ORFO.

ORFO includes a number of very useful and unique features besides smart Proofing Tools.

Spelling check

ORFO system helps to check spelling in Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese texts.

Spelling check is realized:

  • in Microsoft Office 2007 - 2016;
  • in Libre/Open Office 3.3/3.6 and higher
  • in ORFO-editor;
  • in the most part of editable windows by means of "hot keys" (NotePad, WordPad, ICQ etc.);

 As compared with Microsoft Office 2010 Russian spelling check module ORFO equipped with updated dictionaries, allows to add new words to a user dictionary in all their forms and helps to find and replace a word in any grammatical form.

Adding a new word with all its forms

ORFO User Dictionary

ORFO allows to add a new word with all its forms, and then it will be recognized in all forms and in all applications supported by ORFO.

Grammar and style check

ORFO Grammar uses more than 40 groups of rules and checks texts in point of three basic styles:

  • Strictly (all rules);
  • For business writing;
  • For casual writing.

The system gives explanations when flags an error and displays statistics (number of words, text complexity etc.) when check is completed.

 As compared with Microsoft Office 2010 Grammar we equipped ORFO with new grammatical rules. Previous rules are itemized and complemented. The Grammar module supports now more than one morphologic User dictionary.


ORFO provides right hyphenation of two quality levels:

  • Newspaper - for text formatted in narrow columns;
  • Book - for common text.


Russian Thesaurus helps to avoid tautology and find appropriate definition. The Thesaurus comprises more than 70000 Russian words and expressions. It consists of three dictionaries: Synonyms (more than 10000 groups of synonyms and about 3.7 synonyms in each group), Antonyms and Related words.

ORFO Thesaurus has such unique facilities as:

  • Recognition of Russian words irrespectively to their form in a text;
  • Thesaurus proposes synonyms or antonyms for each word in the same form that the original word has.

Russian Collection

ORFO system includes the Russian Collection - a set of 6 Russian dictionaryies: the well-known Russian Dictionary by Dahl in 4 volumes; Russian Heritage (110,000 entries); Etymological Dictionary (contains explanations of origin and historical development of words); Dictionaries of Paronyms (contains words that are similar in sound but differ in sense and gives explanations with usage examples.), Synonyms and Antonyms which are very useful in search of words similar or opposed in sense.

Russian Grammar Handbook

ORFO Russian Grammar Handbook is an easy-to-use reference guide to Russian grammar. It comprises the corpus of punctuation and spelling rules with detailed explanations and usage examples. Now the new facility is accessible: interactive training and self-checking tests.

Find and Replace a Word in All Forms

ORFO provides the function: Find and Replace a Word in All Forms. If you need to replace a word all over the document there is no need to look through the text for each form of this word.

It’s enough to enter in the dialog box the original word to be replaced and another word – the substitute one. ORFO finds desired word and replaces it with the substitute in the same form.

All Word Forms Show

You can see all forms of the given word and its grammatical characteristics.